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Madhu Jadhav
Founder, GrameenKart

               Madhu Jadhav is an emerging social entrepreneur from Belagavi who has experience of 4 years in social welfare activities. She has been working to reach the benefit of the programs of the Mahesh Foundation to HIV positive and underprivileged children. She has played a vital role in the formulation of policies for the Mahesh Foundation which has been privileging thousands of less privileged children.

               To empower the rural and underprivileged women and provide an online platform for the products they manufacture, Madhu Jadhav has started a social venture GrameenKart. This social enterprise creates subsistence for the women and helps them to become self-sustaining in their life as well as help them to support their families.



Sanjay Chinnannavar
CEO, GrameenKart

              Mr. Sanjay Chinnannavar is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of GrameenKart. He has a vast experience of 25 years in marketing and retail. He served as a Store Manager in Indian retail giant Big Bazaar in various locations of Karnataka. Also served as a Branch Manager of the Direct Marketing Unit in Brite India Marketing Company.

              Mr. Sanjay Chinnannavar has a good knowledge of marketing, branding, and promotions that benefits the GrameenKart in planning the strategies in promotions, marketing, and all other operations related to this social venture. With his knowledge and innovative ideas helps rural skilled women to get recognition of their skills. 

              Mr. Sanjay enabled GrameenKart to reach the benefits to underprivileged rural women that accomplish our mission. Along with needy women, GrameenKart supports underprivileged HIV infected children. In this social activity, Sanjay plays a key role.