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GrameenKart started with a motive to support rural underprivileged women. To provide aid and promote their skills and culture that practices in rural India. Madhu Jadhav, the founder of GrameenKart has been actively involved in social services for the past 4 years. She saw the struggle of rural women very close. To empower these rural women and to provide an online platform for the products they manufacture, GrameenKart social venture came into existence. 



India is a male-dominated society, especially in rural areas. Despite this bias, women have achieved success in rural entrepreneurship. Many small and cottage industries are emerging from rural areas mainly led by women. But they have to face competition from the medium and large scale industries which utilize digital technology to market their products. These rural enterprises lack funding to promote their brands.   



Rural enterprises led by women have to face the challenges from heavy industries, social bias, lack of finance, and sales promotion among others. These women have proper skills but don’t aware of the use of technology, online marketing, and promotion. This 21st century is wholly dependent on online and social media marketing. But they lack such awareness to compete with them. 




Rural skills represent the culture and heritage of India. But they lack support and a proper marketing platform. GrameenKart aims to provide the much-needed online market and promotion to the products. Most importantly, the women who work in rural industries are destitute and work to support their families. Hence, Grameenkart has been working to create opportunities for these women to showcase their skills to the whole world with innovative products. GrameenKart is a voice for the local women entrepreneurs.



GrameenKart impacts on the lives of underprivileged women and their families who are struggling to earn their livelihood. GrameenKart supports women to reach global audiences with their products by utilizing the digital and innovative way of marketing. It is an initiative to uphold local products and manufacturers. GrameenKart supports HIV infected orphan children in providing them the basic facilities and empowers them to lead a self-sustained life in the future.